What is an Umbrella Company?

Self-employed contractors can join an umbrella business, often known as a PAYE umbrella company, as an alternative to forming and managing their own limited company.
You become an employee of the umbrella when you join it. The umbrella acts as a go-between for you and your recruiter or end client. It is concerned with administrative matters, such as accounting and financial reporting.
We are a team of payroll professionals with years of expertise. We take pride in our fast payroll, excellent customer service, and umbrella operations knowledge.

How Does PAYE work?

After securing a contract or assignment to deliver your services to the end client, Vision HR, as your employer, executes a contract with your recruiting agency, and you sign an employment contract with us.
Weekly timesheets are completed and delivered to both your recruitment agency and Vision HR.
After that, Vision HR will bill the recruiting agency and the recruitment agency will bill the final client.
We will pay you on time and provide you with a payslip that you may view securely.

Our Process


We’ll prepare and execute a contract for your new role. This guarantees that your job is secured, legal and remunerated. 


All of your clients, projects, and contracts will be invoiced by us. Vision HR will personally collect payments and follow up on unpaid debts.


We make certain you’re paid on time! Once we receive wages from your agency or final client, we will pay you what you’re owed. 


Vision HR will handle all of your accounting and tax paperwork, enabling you to focus 100% of your attention on your role.